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Cairo Jazz Club

Credits: Cairo Jazz Club


It might not be the very first name that comes to your mind when you are asked to name a jazz venue, but Cairo Jazz Club can very well be included in the list of the world’s most popular jazz clubs. High energy, a laid-back atmosphere and a rich program make it one of Africa’s hotspots for jazz fans, as well as one of the rising stars in the international jazz venues scene.

For well over a decade, Cairo Jazz Club has stood up as Cairo’s ultimate live music hub. In the buzzing nightlife of the Egyptian capital, it has successfully achieved to become a lively and engaging venue where people go to enjoy high-quality live music, delicious food and a cool drink.

But CJC is a lot more than your typical music venue. While some places simply present gigs by whoever happens to be in town that day, Cairo Jazz Club launches fresh talents and regularly hosts shows by local and international artists, but it does it in a special way.

It serves as a sort of portal that manifests art and expression through the music it presents.


We Serve Good Moods and Excellent Music

Since its first days, Cairo Jazz Club has been following the motto “we serve good moods”. This means that guests can be sure that a visit to the club will be a fun-filled experience, whether they stop by for a concert, to try something from the menu or one of the “euphorically intoxicating” cocktails.

From the get-go, CJC has served good moods and exciting gigs. Presenting a different event every day, the club is now recognized as the city’s “capital” of live music. Whether you are looking for the next Egyptian music star or a top-notch international jazz name, Cairo Jazz Club is the perfect place for you.


Local heroes Wust El Balad and Screwdriver are two of the music acts that came to prominence due to their performances at Cairo Jazz Club. Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama, the iconic Yehya Khalil and Rashad Fahim are only the first names in the long list of local stars who have played at the club.

Not surprisingly, CJC has also been the first choice for internationally-acclaimed musicians touring Africa. Natacha Atlas, Stanley Jordan and Monica Passos are some of the international performers who have stopped by Cairo’s most entertaining music venue.


Food, Drinks, Art and the Agency

In addition to the daily concerts and occasional themed nights, it’s  also the diversified selection of food and drinks that draw the crowds to Cairo Jazz Club.

The cuisine selection has been often described as “traditional with a twist”, but don’t worry…the CJC chefs sometimes do go for a plain twist! From finger food and mouth-watering tapas to salads, soups and traditionally-baked pizzas…nothing is missing from the menu! Whether you want to try a local recipe,  you want to go for a traditional burger or you want to taste one of the club’s delicatessen, you will be more than satisfied.

Cairo Jazz Club

Credits: tazkarty.net

Cairo Jazz Club is also an excellent place to stop by for a few drinks with friends.

Whether you are a regular beer kind of person, you would like a fancy cocktail or you like your jazz paired with a classy glass of wine…at CJC they have it all!

With a wide selection of drinks, entertaining music show and cosmopolitan atmosphere…you will be happy you chose to spend a few hours at CJC!

To take things to the next level, Cairo Jazz Club paired up with some of the city’s most creative artistic talents. Karine Ghaly, Amr Farouk and Mahmoud Fahmy have all contributed to the crafting of CJC’s signature drawings, mystical interior design and authentic print work.

And this is not all!

In fact, at Cairo Jazz Club visitors can also purchase records (that can even be delivered at home) by some of the exciting music acts presented by the venue. And to really do it all, CJC has created its own agency of live music specialists that, in addition to making sure that all gigs are simple and effortless for the artists, venues and audiences, has also organized two major events like the first edition of the art and crafts Artbeat Festival and Mawaweel – three weekends of music, theatre performances and folkloric storytelling.

At Cairo Jazz Club, you will find everything you are looking for, be it high-quality food, fancy drinks or hot live music every single day. Special events on Mondays, boogie and funk during the week, electro music on Fridays and oriental sounds on Saturdays…there’s nothing missing! And for jazz enthusiasts, CJC hosts tributes to the jazz greats performed by the city’s finest jazz artists every single Sunday. You can find the complete CJC monthly schedule here

Venue Details:

Cairo Jazz Club

197, 26th July St.Agouza, Cairo


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