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The third season of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast is here and it starts with a BANG!

Steve Palfreyman is back on the show to share his tips for building a community of raving fans, the 3 steps of a successful music launch and to talk about the biggest digital conference for indie musicians of the year: the Music Launch Summit!

From today until October 4th, Steve will host a FREE online event that features 40+ speakers. The lineup includes some of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast past guests, like Dave Kusek, Ariel Hyatt, Graham Cochrane and Andrew Apanov.

I’m so excited about the conference, also because I’ll be virtually taking the stage on September 22nd – mark your calendar!

Tune in to learn more about the Music Launch Summit, common mistakes indie bands make with their music launches and how to create a space where your fans can connect with you and other fans.


Today’s Guest Expert

Steve PalfreymanSteve Palfreyman is a musician, marketer and artistpreneur who helps artists launch their music and entrepreneurs hone their entrepreneurship.

He’s a member of the Australian band Winter York and founder of the music virtual summit of the year: the Music Launch Summit.

From September 13th to October 4th, Steve will be interviewing some of the music industry top experts (over 40 speakers) who are going to share their advice to help indie artists like you successfully launch your music.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About

  • What a virtual summit is and what you can expect from Steve’s Music Launch Summit
  • Common music launch mistakes
  • The importance of creating a space where your fans can come together
  • How to manage your music community online (without headaches)
  • The 3 phases of a music launch




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