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Tools to Choose a Domain Name

Picture Credits: blogs.weblinkindia.net

Picking a domain name for your brand, band or service is one of the most important steps in establishing an online presences. Choosing the right domain is a process that, following a few steps, can be replicated several times. It can happen, however, that you have difficulties in crafting a creative name that also describes the essence of what you do and what you’re about. If you are in this situation, you should stop worrying! Here are 5 free tools you can use to pick up the perfect domain name:

1. Name Mesh

The colourful and easy-to-use Name Mesh, takes your keywords and check for domain name availability using over 20 generators. It allows you to see common short top-level domains, mix words and preserve SEO, as well as checking related and similar words.

2. Lead Domain Search

Not as flashy, but just as powerful is Lead Domain Search. With this tool, you can find available domains in a matter of seconds. Its domain generator showcases unique and quirky domain names and combines keywords you use. It’s a very useful when you want to combine two key concepts to create a catchy domain.