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When promoting themselves online quite many musicians underestimate, or even completely ignore the power of Google+.

However, by ignoring Google+, those bands, jazz clubs and festivals are missing out on one of the most powerful promotion tools out there.

Google Plus’ Powerful Features

For starters, Google Plus is probably the hottest social media right now. You might be surprised to hear that it only took Google Plus 18 months to reach the number of users that Facebook had after 5 years! Kind of crazy, huh?

Secondly, Google+ is owned by…well, Google. Google is the #1 search engine that million of people use to find what they are looking for online every single day. Google+ being owned by Google means that Google+ pages rank high on Google searches.

Then there are Google Hangouts, one of the coolest features ever! Google Hangout allows you to host a virtual concert and streaming online with hundreds of fans and listeners. To get a better idea of what a Google Hangout looks like check the video below:


Another reason why Google+ is a good promotion tool, is the so-called “Google authorship“. If you connect your website to your Google+ account (you can do that here), the articles you post will appear on Google searches with the picture you are using on your Google+ page. Wait, you are wondering why this is cool, aren’t you? Well, keep on reading to find out why.

Let’s use an example by Neil Patel of Crazy Egg to see this Google+ feature at work. Here’s what happens when a user searches for “grow my website traffic” on Google, he/she will get these results:

Google Plus Guide

Have you noticed how some results feature a picture (it’s called rich snippet)? Ok, so that’s “Google Authorship” at work. And here’s why it matters:

Google Plus

The heatmap above shows that rich snippets increase click-through rates on search engines. We won’t get too technical, but that simply means that banners with graphic elements (like rich snippets) are more likely to catch the user’s attention and to be clicked on.

Google+ 101: How to Get Started

In order to start using Google+, you will need a gmail account. There are two quick ways to get started with Google Plus:

Method 1: From your Gmail Dashboard

Log in into your gmail dashboard (it’s your gmail interface) and click on the small button next to your email address on the top right corner of the page

Getting started 1

After you will be redirected to a new page just follow the quick steps displayed:

1. Look for people that you know (it will check if email contacts you have saved in your gmail are on Google+) and it will give you a list of people/pages you might know or be interested into

2. Upload you profile picture and basic information (where you live, work, etc.)

Now take a second to pat yourself on the back, because you are officially on Google+! 🙂


Method 2: Using google.com/+/business

The second method is just as easy and fast as the first one.

Simply go to www.google.com/+/business and choose ‘create new page’. You will then have to log in using your gmail email and password.

There are 2 steps after this:

1. Choose a Category: here is where you choose your primary category (for example ‘Arts, Entertainment and Sports’) and the subcategory that suits you the best (if you are a band you can use ‘Music Band’ under the ‘Entertainment’ category)

2. Add your information: enter your name, website information, a short description and had a profile picture as well as a cover picture (the recommended size for the cover is 1080 x 608). If you would like to know more about profile and cover pictures, Google support describes the process, step-by-step here.

Ah, and don’t forget to add links to your other social media pages to your Google+ profile!

Now that you are all set up you can start following your friends. On Google+ you will add people to your circles. Note that you can follow anyone you’d like without needing their approval.  To better organize your contacts, you can create different circles (for example “venues”, “fans”, “artists”, etc.) .

Once you have found someone you would like to add, scroll over the plus circle and click on ‘create a circle’. Enter the title for a circle and follow the instructions to add people.

While Facebook uses ‘likes’, Google+ uses ‘+1’. It works the same way, you can give ‘+1’s to posts that you like and even to profiles and pages.

This video below recaps what we have discussed so far:


The Stream, the Power of Posts and Engagement

The “home page” of Google Plus is called the Stream, just like with other social media. Here, you will see updates from people you follow. If you see a post you don’t like, just hover your mouse over the post and click the arrow icon that appears in the top right corner. You can choose ‘Mute the post’, ‘Unfollow the poster’ or report him/her for spam.

Posting on Google+ is similar to posting on Facebook. There are, however, a few variations.

When you are about to type in your post a new box will appear on the center of your page. From there, you can select whether you want to attach a photo, link, video, or event and select who to share your post with (by default, posts are public, visible to everybody). If you like to write a post that targets a specific circle, simply remove ‘public’ and choose the circle you wish to share the post with.

Keeping an active profile on Google Plus is really important, same as it is important for Facebook and Twitter. But there is something that makes posting on Google+ more powerful than other social media. Google+ is owned by Google, right? This means that Google+ will have a major impact on your SEO strategy and other social networks.

A Google+ profile with fresh content can be shown up in the Related People or Pages section of Google’s search results. Pretty cool, huh?

There are two more features you can use to turn people into followers and create an engaged community:

1. Events

An image is worth a thousand pictures, right? Ok, so take a look at this video that will show you how to quickly create an event on Google+



2. Hangouts

This video below gives you the basics on Google Hangouts




No you have all you need to get started on Google+, so go and be great!

To recap:

What you need to getting it with Google+

  • a Google+ page (no-brainer, right?)
  • all the information (including url to your website and links to your social media pages)
  • sharp-looking profile and cover pictures
  • spend a few minutes per day to increase your circles and share interesting content
  • post regularly can have a positive impact on your SEO


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