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Grappa's Cellar Hong Kong

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Welcome to Grappa’s Cellar,  the home of live entertainment in Hong Kong!

This Italian-styled restaurant located in the heart of Central Jardine House serves delicious Italian food and presents entertaining live jazz, rock and comedy acts from all around the world.

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, there is a place that you should stop by at least once. To first-timers, Grappa’s Cellar may look just like another regular Italian restaurant like there are many around the world. However, doubters couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, Grappa’s is much more than a simple restaurant.

Cool Entertainment and Excellent Food

Locals often call Grappa’s Cellar “Hong Kong’s Home of Live Entertainment”, as the venue regularly hosts exciting jazz, rock and pop concerts. During the years, its cool live music stage has welcomed a rich international lineup, including soul singer Bobby Taylor, smooth jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour and pianist Georgie Fame, Grammy award nominee Howard McCrary, Imogen Heap, Pete Moore & The Martini Nation Big Band, Ok Go, Anders Nelsson and British Sea Power.

Grappa’s is also the place that features local rising stars and established jazz performers like the big band The Stray KatzGinger Kwan and the Victoria Jazz Band.


And then rock, funk, blues, Latin rhythms and special events like the charity show Financial Live and the Hong Kong “Jazz Family” Fest 2014. At Grappa’s Cellar you will find high-quality live jazz and other music genres!

If you like comedy, you will love Grappa’s. From Comedy Murder Mystery dinners to the sharp humour of the Punchline live stand-up comedy featuring PJ Gallagher, Keith Farnan and Andrew Stanley…at Hong Kong’s home of entertainment there is something for everyone! In case you are planning your next visit to Grappa’s Cellar, you can check this programme to see what is happening at the venue.

Before being one Hong Kong’s most welcoming live music and entertainment venues, Grappa’s is a premier Italian restaurant. Probably the best in Hong Kong.

The interior of Grappa's Cellar Hong Kong

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Its owners and staff take pride in the home-style Italian recipes and in the fact that all the sauces, pasta, sausages and desserts are produced exclusively in Grappa’s own kitchen.

No preservatives, only natural ingredients like the imported semolina flour, extra virgin olive oil and a wide variety of the world’s finest natural cheese from Italy and the US.

And No second-rate food either, but only one of the very best Italian-styled cuisines you can find in Hong Kong. Whether you just want to have an appetizer, a soup or salad, or if you want to try one of the house’s popular pasta, pizzas, risotto or delicious dessert…Whatever you will choose from the menu, it will feel like you are eating in Italy’s finest restaurant.

By stopping at Grappa’s Cellar you known you will become part of history. In fact since El Grande opened their first Grappa’s restaurant in 1990, all of their restaurants have been considered some of Hong Kong’s best places to enjoy great food and cool drinks in a casual environment and with exceptional service.

From the entertainment side, you know that at Grappa’s Cellar you are in for something big. Whether it’s a New York-like jazz show by a local rising star or international guest, a funk night or Brazilian carnival, or perhaps sharp stand-up comedy acts or special events… at Grappa’s Cellar you will have a great time.

Venue Details:

Grappa’s Cellar

Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

Hong Kong

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