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Pinterest is one of the hottest online platforms of the moment. In addition to being a very catchy visual discovery tool, it’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website. This article gives you an overview on what Pinterest can do for you and why, thousands of artists, jazz clubs and festivals are missing a HUGE opportunity by ignoring this tool.

Today, quite many artists, jazz venues and festivals are still ignoring one of the most powerful free tools out there. When creating an online promotion strategy, Pinterest can almost have the same power as Twitter.

For starters, Pinterest has been an excellent way to drive traffic to a website. This article published by Mashable shows that, when it comes to driving traffic, only Facebook is the online social media that performs better than Pinterest.

Think about it for a second. Pinterest is among the top ways to drive traffic to a website. Your site is your online home, is the place where you share your best content, sell your music, talk about upcoming shows and about the performers you might be presenting if you are a venue or a festival… that’s the place where you ultimately want people to spend the most time, right?

Ok, now here’s how you can quickly include Pinterest in your online promotion strategy


Pinterest for Artists: Getting Started

Like Facebook, Pinterest features two types of accounts: personal and business. If you are an artist, jazz club or festival you should opt for ‘business’. Here’s how to get started:

  • Fill in your details, add a short description and a picture, add the link to your website and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Once you are redirected to your page is time to create your first board. A board is a sort of folder in which you include pictures that are relevant to that category (for example we have the board ‘Jazz Venues’, ‘Jazz Festivals’, ‘Visual Jazz’, etc.)




There are two ways to pin an image and add it to a board:

1. From a board: click on a board and then click on “Add a Pin” (marked in red in the picture below)



With the first method you can choose whether you want to pin an image from the Internet (you will have to add the url of the webpage containing the picture you want to pin), upload one from your computer or pin one from Pinterest (you will get a series of pictures labeled ‘Some Pins you might like’

2. Use the ‘Pin it’ button – Recommended: simply get a free ‘Pin it’ button from this page and add it to your web browser.

Pin it button


Now that you have installed the ‘Pin it’ button you will be able to pin an image by simply click on the button and choose the board you want to pin the photo into. Actually not only photos, but also videos and audio files can be pinned in your Pinterest boards.

Like on other social media, you can follow users on Pinterest too. In this case, you can choose whether you want to follow only certain boards or all the boards on a user’s profile.


Follow others on Pinterest

You can follow specific boards or all of a user’s boards


To drive traffic to your website, make sure to always include the url to your site in the caption


Marked in read you can see the url that points to our website


Setting up a Pinterest page is fast, free and can really help you in your online promotion efforts. If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, create a profile TODAY!


How are you using Pinterest? Leave your tips, comments and how-tos below