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Welcome to The Jazz Spotlight Podcast, a show that is all about providing YOU with inspiring stories, resources and actionable tips. Whether you are a music student, independent musician, manage a music venue or a festival you will find plenty of value right here.

Each episode takes you closer to a different aspect of the business side of music. Branding, building an audience, getting gigs, getting press coverage, making money. You name it!

Every time, my guests and I provide you with an entertaining yet informative experience that features success stories, actionable tips and tools that will help you follow your dreams and achieve your goals in the music industry.

Jazz icons Dave Holland and Dee Dee Bridgewater, contemporary stars Jamie Cullum, Zara McFarlane, Kevin Eubanks and José James and Grammy-winning band Snarky Puppy are some of the great artists who have shared their incredible stories on the Jazz Spotlight Podcast.

In order to provide you with as much value as possible, I also tap into the brain of some of the best music industry experts around. People like Dave Kusek and Bobby Owsinski, or award-winning authors and music writers such as Jeri Goldstein and Anthony-Dean Harris of Nextbop and DownBeat Magazine.

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Music venues, festivals, music companies and all the other great guests who have appeared on the show make the Jazz Spotlight Podcast a resource that will help DIY musicians and people in the music biz get a better understanding of how today’s music industry work.

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