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Picture Credits: Songkick


Since its launch in 2007, Songkick has become one of the top online resources for musicians. The free sign up process and the Tourbox, tool that integrates Songkick with services like Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp makes it a MUST for every artist.
The online service Songkick, launched in 2007, has established itself as one of the best tools available for musicians. Its user-friendly interface, free sign up process and integration with other popular platforms have made it one of the most-used online resources. In addition to the website, Songkick also comes in the form of app for both iPhones and Android devices.


Why Songkick is a MUST for musicians and their fans

Songkick addresses the specific needs of both fans and artists (and their managers). The Tourbox is an easy-to-use tool that allows musicians to power the tour listings on all of your pages and profiles. By entering them in Songkick only once, you will then be able to automatically publish them everywhere you have the Tourbox tool enabled. By logging into the Tourbox, you can easily add or edit their gig listings (read more about how to add/edit gigs here) and publish them on

 Songkick Tourbox platforms

In addition to sharing tour dates on other platforms and websites, Songkick also automatically notifies the people who are tracking you on Songkick. With just a couple of steps, you can take your concert listings to the next level and make sure that all your fans and followers across different platforms know when and where you are going to play next. Its partnership with YouTube and Vevo and its reach (over 1.3 million users per month) make Songkick an excellent resource to attract new fan and provide you current followers with complete gig listings on their favourite websites.
If you are a fan, Songkick is a great resource that allows you to track (as in “follow”) your city and other locations, as well as your favourite musicians. Once you have started tracking a city, you will get email notifications about upcoming concerts. If you decide to track an artist, your notifications will include the list of gigs he/she will have. Once you find a show you are interested in, Songkick provides you all the info you need (information on the venue and directions, date and time, and it even gives you the chance to purchase the tickets online from the venue or through services like Viagogo and Eventbrite). You can also see who of the other Songkick users and your Facebook friends is going to a show.
Artists tracked on the Spotify app

By scanning your music library and playlists Songkick allows you to easily follow your favourite artists | Picture Credits: www.electricpig.co.uk


 The “multi-platforms” tracking system is another cool Songkick feature. It allows you to combine Songkick with Spotify, Last.fmiTunesFacebook, Pandora and with the music library of your smartphone. Songkick scans your playlists, music libraries and favourite artists you follow (on Facebook) and create a tracking list according to your preferences. You can track all the artists you want with just a few clicks! The Songkick app available for iPhones and Android devices, allows you to comfortably use Songkick on your smartphone and it also allows you to create a “tracking list” based on your music library and playlists preferences.



Why you should start using Songkick NOW:

For musicians:

  • free sign up
  • easy integration with various services (like Soundcloud)
  • YouTube and Vevo partnership
  • Reach: 0ver 1.3 million users per month
  • Discovery Service: Songkick is an easy way to attract new fans (they can find you in different ways: tracking through songkick.com or through their music libraries and playlists)


For fans:

  • free sign up
  • apps for smartphones: take Songkick with you, wherever you go
  • artists tracking: find your favourite musicians on songkick.com or by scanning your music libraries and playlists
  • see who is playing, where and when
  • see which of your friends and other Songkick users are going to a gig
  • purchase tickets without the need to browse through a multitude of other sites
  • email notifications: get notified whenever an artist you are tracking plays or a location you are following hosts a show


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