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Who doesn’t like to travel?

If you do, you will love this new episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast!

Today I welcome on the show a very special guest who talks about his travels around the world and gives advice for artists who are dreaming about touring the globe.

I had the chance to meet saxophonist Ezra Brown a few years ago while he was performing at a jazz festival in Switzerland. I have been a big fan and friend ever since and I have been following what he is up to. During the years, Ezra has built a reputation as one of the coolest and most talented saxophonists around. He has shared the stage with an incredible number of artists, including legends such as B.B. King, Cassandra Wilson and Bobby “Blue” Bland, and released his debut solo album – The Journey – last summer.

On the show, Ezra shares his story and talks about his tours around the world, from France and Africa to Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. He discusses how he plans a tour, the tools he uses to find jazz venues and festivals to perform at and gives out practical tips for musicians.

During our talk, Ezra really emphasized the importance of the business side of music, something that has come up before also in the past.

More specifically you’ll learn more about:
  • How Ezra started his career
  • How he is able to play a repertoire that blends jazz, blues, R&B, hip-hop and gospel
  • How moving to New York changed his life
  • Who of the artists Ezra performed with has impressed him the most
  • Ezra’s advice for musical collaboration
  • How Ezra plans a tour and finds music venues and festivals to perform at
  • The tools Ezra uses to inform his fans about upcoming shows
  • The app Ezra couldn’t live without (especially when he is on the road)
  • The worst thing that happened to Ezra while on tour
  • His favorite #3 destinations
  • How to overcome mistakes and unexpected things when you are on stage
  • What you can expect from Ezra’s solo debut album The Journey
  • Ezra’s tip for musicians who would like to perform around the world
  • and more!

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