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Have you ever wondered how does music management work?

How do agents look for artists? And how do they find venues and festivals musicians of they manage can perform at?

After hearing the inspiring stories of three artists on the last few episodes of the podcast, I welcome a manager and booking agent to talk about music from a different angle. It’s with pleasure that I welcome Christophe Deghelt on the show to talk about music management and booking.

Christophe is the founder of Deghelt Productions, management and booking agency that manages prominent jazz musicians such as Monty Alexander, Jack Terrasson and Grégoire Maret.

In this episode, Christophe talks about how he personally got to know legendary jazzmen Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, how he started being a manager without any previous experience and discusses the current way of doing business.

He also talks about how he finds venues and festivals where the musicians he manages can perform at and gives out tips for artists and his colleagues: from what to have on a website to how to effectively use social media, and much more!

More specifically, you’ll learn more about:
  • How Christophe got to personally know jazz greats Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock
  • How he started out as artist agent and manager without having experience in that field
  • The biggest challenge for managers and people in the music business
  • How Christophe looks for and books venues and festivals for the musicians he manages
  • What you need to start building a network
  • Which features the site of a management and booking agency should have
  • Christophe’s Twitter strategy
  • What you should keep in mind before uploading pictures and videos on your site and social media
  • What Christophe looks for when browsing through artists’ websites
  • The mistakes he sees musicians making online
  • What it really means to create a social media page
  • Christophe’s message for other managers and booking agents
  • The difference, for artists, between being part of a big or small agency
  • What being a sideman musician can do for you
  • And more!

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