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Thelonious Club

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A place like Thelonious Club could exist in any fashionable international city: New York, Paris or London. However, in the tastefully decorated space of Thelonious, surrounded by eclectic people from all over the world, you will be glad you are enjoying hot live jazz in the heart of Buenos Aires!

Inspired by jazz bars in the Big Apple and founded by musicians Lucas and Ezequiel Cutaia in 2002, Thelonious Club is one Buenos Aires’ most popular music venues for jazz fans. If tango is the first thing that springs to your mind when you associate music and Argentina, it’s probably because you haven’t been at Thelonious yet!

Located in Palermo – near Plaza Guemes and its Our Lady of Guadalupe church –  and named after the legendary Thelonious Monk, Thelonious Club is a place that doesn’t need to use flashy neon signs or giant billboards to attract people. Pretty much every jazz aficionado in Buenos Aires know that if you are looking for hot live jazz, Thelonious is the place to be.

Stairway to a Jazz Heaven


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Walking up the staircase and by the ticket counter, guests end up into a long space with a stage at the far and and a 13-meter bar stretching most of the way. Comfy leather sofas are located around the stage and numerous tables and chairs are spread across Thelonious. If you want to be close to the action, it’s recommended that you get there early. Being an early bird at Thelonious means that you will be have the perfect view of the action and you will sit comfortably on the sofas around the stage.  You can also call ahead and book: if you come with a date, you will get a cozy table for two and if you are part of a big group you will get couches and coffee tables. Otherwise, if you come late, you can pull up a stool at the bar or even hang out on the stairs leading to the upper level, just like many locals do.

Thelonious Club is an excellent after-dinner choice that serves cool drinks and groovy music acts. Whether you are in the mood for a fashionable drink such as the local-standard “Fernet and Coke”, the “Keith Richards” or one of Thelonious’ signature colourful cocktails like a daquiri or frozen mojito, at Thelonious you will find the right drink for you.

Are you a regular beer person? Thelonious serves some of the world’s most popular beers including Heineken and Guinness. On a budget? Then why not to grab a bottle of Malbec at a reasonable price and share it with some friends? If you come hungry, you can try one of Thelonious’ pizzetas, table de quesos (cheese plate) or delicious desserts like the gooey chocolate brownie with walnut and vanilla ice cream.

If you are hungry for hot live jazz, Thelonious Club is the perfect place for you. Whatever act is performing at Thelonious, you can be sure that it’s either a respected national or international acclaimed artist. Depending on the performer, the songs may be original compositions with traditional jazz, rock and Latin American genres, or they might be tributes to jazz stars like John Coltrane and Dizzy Gillespie.

From Wednesday through Sunday, Thelonious presents some of Buenos Aires grooviest musical acts (the price of admission varies depending on the performer). For these reasons, Downbeat Magazine referred to Thelonious Club as one of the jazz venues every jazz enthusiast should visit.



Shows usually start at 9:30 pm and they feature two bands on Fridays and Saturdays (the complete schedule can be found here). No matter what brings you to Thelonious Club – the colourful drinks, the unique international atmosphere or talented, energetic musicians – you will love your time there!

Venue Details:

Thelonious Club 

Salguero 1884, Palermo, Buenos Aires


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