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If you have ever wondered what it really means to be a musician, this episode of the Jazz Spotlight is for you.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional musician, or you are thinking about a career as an artist, this episode will provide you with a good insight of what it means to be an artist today.

This week, I welcome Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jen Chapin on the show to talk about what it means to be a musician. Jen shares her story, discusses her life as both an artist and a mother and gives useful tips.


More specifically, you’ll hear about:
  • How Jen got started as an artist
  • Jen’s productivity tip
  • The importance of being yourself
  • How Jen promotes herself
  • How she started her newsletter back in the ’90s
  • How she plans a tour and looks for venues to perform at
  • When you should consider looking for a different career
  • And more!


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