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Last week I talked to you about the “10-Step Strategy for an (Almost) Automatic Online Music Promotion Funnel” you can use to craft an efficiently promote your music and/or business online.

In the past I welcomed on the show a series of guests who shared their stories and brought us closer to several aspects of the music industry: jazz festivals, world tours, collaborations, music management and more.

Today I am delighted to have yet another great guest who I am sure will inspire. In this episode, I’m happy to welcome Steve Nixon on the podcast to talk about how he went from being a jazz pianist to owner of an online business!

In fact, Steve is the founder of FreeJazzLessons.com, website that allows you to learn playing the piano from home.

In my opinion, Steve’s story is very inspiring, because it really shows how with a good idea, and good will, you can really turn your career around or come up with new ways to express yourself.

Are you ready to listen to Steve’s great journey and take action?

If your answer is yes, play this episode! 🙂


Here are some of the things you’ll hear more about today: 
  • How Steve became a world touring professional piano player
  • The jazz pianists who have inspired him
  • What the cornerstone behind FreeJazzLessons.com is
  • How FreeJazzLessons.com works and what its biggest challenges are
  • How Steve keeps up with the increasing traffic and growing international community of FreeJazzLessons.com
  • Steve’s tip for video production
  • Steve’s life as online business owner
  • Steve’s advice for musicians who would like to follow his footsteps and launch their own digital product
  • How Free Jazz Lessons stands out from the competition
  • What Steve would do differently with FreeJazzLessons.com if he was to go back in time
  • And More!


Link and resources mentioned in this episode:


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