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In this new episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast we got back to the basis!

By reading the first sentence, you might be feeling a little skeptical. Perhaps you have been in business for some time, have been using social media to promote your music and think your work is done.

You have an audience.

You have hundreds of followers on Twitter and Facebook, but…

…when you ask them to do something, they’re rather passive. Sure, you have hundreds of followers, but are they the right followers?

Today I am very glad to welcome Steve Palfreyman on the show to discuss How to Build and Grow an Online Audience. Note that by this, Steve and I mean an ACTIVE and ENGAGED online audience.

Based in Melbourne, Steve is an artistpreneur who works closely with artists from all over the world and helps them put in place strategies to build and grow tribes of loyal (and engaged) fans.

If you’re just starting out and need to figure out how to build and audience, this episode has plenty of tips for you.

If you already have a fan base and wish to expand it, this episode will still provide you with useful advice and strategies you can put in place today.

Keep in mind that, even though Steve and I talk about the topic from the musicians’ perspective, on How to Build and Grow an Online Audience for Your Music you’ll hear more about tactics you can use whether, you are a music club owner, festival organizer or are in the music business.

And even if you’re just a music fan with a business (not within the music industry), I am pretty sure you can still use some of the tips given by Steve during the episode.


More Specifically, You’ll Learn More About:
  • How Steve turned his passion for music and interest for marketing into a business
  • The “myth” of big numbers on Facebook and Twitter (and the ones you should be really be focusing on)
  • One of the biggest mistakes artists make when it comes to building an audience (and how you can avoid making it)
  • The importance of an ideal fan
  • How to create a target audience
  • The 3 steps you need to take in order to build an engage audience online
  • A big Twitter “no-no” you’re probably doing right now (and that is hurting you)
  • How to give people what they want (while you get what you want)
  • How to leverage your website to grow an audience
  • Why you should “go after” email addresses
  • How you can surprise your fan base with your newsletter
  • How to use social media with a clear goal in mind (and what this means)
  • What Twitter can do for you
  • Steve’s Twitter strategy that everybody can start using right now
  • The one thing that separates people who are doing very well in their career from those who don’t
  • Steve’s “future-back method”
  • And More!


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