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I’d like to start this post with a “warning”: if you are struggling getting gigs, or want to rethink the touring side of your music career, this episode will definitely change the way you do things!

Today I welcome on the show award-winning author, music booking and tour planning expert Jeri Goldstein to talk about how the effective booking and touring planning.

With over 20 years of experience, Jeri has worked closely with musicians and music professional, as well as artists from other fields.

On this episode she discusses the things performers should consider when planning their tours and gigs at venues – whether they do this by themselves or with the help of a booking agent.

She goes over the kinds of audience an artist’s website should go after and the features sites should have, in order to target the people that could eventually land you your next gig.

Furthermore, she mentions some of the topics she talks about in How to Be Your Own Booking Agent, book that is at the top of Amazon’s music business books chart.

Plenty of useful tips in this episode, so get ready!



In This Episode You’ll Hear More About:

  • Jeri’s career in the music business
  • Her award-winning book How to Be Your Own Booking Agent and what you can expect from it
  • The features musicians should have on their website (from a booking and touring perspective)
  • The type of audience artists’ websites are often not talking to
  • How having a site that targets only fans affects your career
  • What you can leverage to better promote yourself when you are not an household name
  • Why you have to be selective and go for quality over quantity, especially for multimedia content (video and audio files) on your site
  • The three types of audience your site should focus on
  • What an homepage should (and shouldn’t) have
  • Why it is better for you to promote a new release on a landing page rather than your homepage
  • What factors you, as an artist, should consider when planning a tour
  • How planning ahead creates more touring and booking opportunities
  • How to use festivals as anchor dates, even if you are not set to perform there yet
  • The importance of tapping into your region’s festivals and music venues scenes
  • What you can do to increase the number of gigs in your region
  • How gig swaps can open new market for artists
  • And more!


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