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It’s that time of the week: another episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast is here!

Today I am very happy to welcome on the show Donna M., the founder of the popular jazz website Elements of Jazz.com.

I have been following Elements of Jazz for a few years now. If you’re into jazz and are on Twitter, Elements of Jazz is an account you want to follow to get updates on what’s happening in jazz.

Donna is one of the kindest person you can find online and she comes on the podcast to talk about a variety of topics, including how she got started with Elements of Jazz, how she managed to create a community of over 17,000 followers on Twitter and how she became a blogger for the Grammy Awards.

If you’re an artist, manage a festival or run a venue, Donna also has some advice on how to better use Twitter.


You’ll Hear More About:
  • How jazz became a “medicine” and helped Donna go through a tough time (and turned her into a jazz enthusiast)
  • How Donna go started with Elements of Jazz
  • Why Twitter is Donna’s #1 social media of choice
  • How Donna’s Twitter activity led to NPR interviewing her when she launched Elements of Jazz.com
  • The first thing Donna wrote about on Elements of Jazz
  • Jazzerati: the “address book” of jazz artists, etc. on Twitter
  • How Donna became the jazz blogger for the Grammys and was invited to attend the Grammy Awards
  • Donna’s daily Twitter strategy
  • The app Donna uses to plan her tweets and organize her Twitter lists
  • Donna’s advice for artists who use Twitter
  • The mistakes Donna sees festivals and venues make on Twitter
  • What you – as artist, festival organizer or club owner – are missing out by not being on Twitter
  • And more!


Links, Artists and Resources Mentioned:
  • NPR interview with Donna


Thank Donna on Twitter!

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