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It’s time for the grand finale!

The last episode of the special edition of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast with some of the stars of Pori Jazz 2014 is here and features a living-legend.

Today I am simply thrilled to welcome on the show one of the most influential contemporary bassists: Dave Holland!

A 360° musician out of Wolverhampton, UK, he is known for having performed with jazz greats such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane, as well as solo, and with bands- and big bands he has led.

Mr. Holland comes on The Jazz Spotlight Podcast to talk about many things, including his record label Dare2, his career – from his ukulele days at the age of 4, and playing with Miles Davis at 21, to his latest project PRISM – and social media.


In This Episode You’ll Learn More About:
  • Some of the places Mr. Holland hasn’t visited yet and would like to
  • How he got started with music and his influences growing up
  • The jazz bassists who, after listening to their records, led Mr. Holland into buying a bass
  • How he became a member of the Miles Davis Quintet
  • How he goes from performing solo to being a band leader and performing with ensembles
  • The way he uses Twitter and Facebook
  • An anecdote about John Coltrane and Miles Davis (you probably haven’t heard about)
  • One of the great things about Miles Davis
  • Mr. Holland’s record label Dare2
  • And more!

Links, People, Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
  • Dare2 (Dave Holland’s own record label)
  • Hands (album with Pepe Habichuela)
  • Overtime (record by the Dave Holland Big Band)


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