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You might remember that last week I had British jazz promoter Tony Dudley-Evans on the show to talk about how to get gigs. Today’s episode wraps up this “mini-series” about “gig hunting” with yet another fantastic guest.

I’m very happy to welcome jazz singer, song-writer and cartoonist Nicola Milan on the podcast to talk about The Thing You Have to Understand to Get More Gigs.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Nicola joins us today to tell us more about her article The One Thing You Have To Understand To Get More Gigs, about her career as a singer and cartoonist, and the Gig Matrix.

The Gig Matrix  is really something that will help you – whether you sing or play an instrument – understand which types of gigs are the most suitable for you.

Trust me, you’ll love this episode!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn More About:

  • How Nicola got started with music and more about  her as cartoonist
  • The one thing music schools usually don’t teach you about music
  • The Gig Matrix: the 4 kinds of gigs and what each type can do for artists
  • The disillusion of the music industry created by some talent shows
  • What you should do when starting out as a performer
  • The perfect type of gig to gain fans
  • A kind of shows that is on the rise, especially in the States
  • And More!


Links, People and Resources Mentioned Today:

  • The Jazz Spotlight Podcast on iTunes


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