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Some play music because they have always dreamed of touring the world. Others do it on the side, as a way to express themselves and earn a few bucks.

No matter why you decided to become a musician there is a question that I am sure you, but also most of your colleagues, have asked yourself: how can I earn money from your music?

In this episode, we are going to talk about different ways musicians can make money with a sensational guest!

Dave Cool is the Director of Artist Relations at Bandzoogle, a popular platform that gives artists the opportunity to easily create professional-looking website – without having to learn how to code.

Today, Dave comes on the show to discuss some of the income streams he mentioned in his article 18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money.  He also talks about what Bandzoogle can do for you, writing about the music industry, his documentary What is INDIE? and gives some great advice.

If you’re thinking about alternative ways to make money or are worried about not earning enough from your music to pay the bills, this episode is for YOU.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear More About:

  • What Bandzoogle can do for artists
  • The features musicians should have on their website
  • Some of the different call to action you could have on your homepage
  • When you should send an email to the subscribers of your email list
  • Different ways for pricing your music
  • Why you should sell CDs at your gigs
  • How streaming is monetized
  • Monetization opportunities on YouTube
  • Sound Exchnge, digital royalties and the unclaimed $
  • Dave’s documentary about indie music
  • And much more!

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