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Exciting times here at the Jazz Spotlight!

By now, you probably know that when you see an episode with the title A Jazz Talk with you know that either a jazz great or contemporary star is going to be on the show. And that’s exactly what happens today.

I am simply thrilled to welcome contemporary jazz and smooth jazz icon Brian Culbertson on the Jazz Spotlight Podcast!

With 15 records, and some 25 #1 top chart songs, Brian is one of the busiest performers around. One of the most appreciated artists in contemporary and smooth jazz, Brian comes on the show to talk about his 20-year career, from his debut album Long Night Out to Breathe (EP released just a few days ago), his own jazz festival – the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway – and his upcoming series of gigs at one of the world’s finest venues: Yoshi’s Oakland Jazz Club. [Will you be at Yoshi’s? Then tweet this!]

Starting from tomorrow, until Sunday, Brian will perform at Yoshi’s as part of his 20th anniversary tour and, to celebrate the special occasion, he will record a live album!

In this laid-back and entertaining interview, Brian also gives out some advice for young musicians and answers questions from fans!

That’s right, from today you can submit your questions to the guests of the podcast and hear them answering your voicemails on the show! It only takes a minute to record and submit your question, you can do all that here.


Today You’ll Hear More About:

  • How Brian started playing
  • What makes a song a great one
  • The challenges he has faced along the way
  • Brian’s advice for young artists who are starting out and musicians who are struggling with their careers
  • The importance of a local fan base and networking with other artists
  • Something Brian has done, and still do when he can, that strengthens the bond with his audience
  • The upcoming shows at Yoshi’s
  • How to avoid having disappointed fans at your gigs
  • The way Brian interacts with the audience during his performances
  • How he came up with the idea and created the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway
  • And much more!


Links, People and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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  • The Jazz Spotlight Podcast on iTunes


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