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These days, being an independent musician – or learning how to become one – can be difficult.

With the Jazz Spotlight I try to help DIY artists, both in jazz and other genres, with articles about the latest trends and topics related to the music business, resources and by bringing world-class musicians and some of the music industry’s top experts on the podcast.

In this episode, I am going to talk about the music industry of today with one of the most influential people in business: Dave Kusek.

A digital strategist, consultant, entrepreneur and educator, Dave is also a digital music pioneer and best-selling author. He was Vice President at Berklee College of Music and the founder and CEO of Berkleemusic.com. Before that, Dave helped develop the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (the format commonly known as MIDI).

Many may remember Dave Kusek also as co-author of the 2005 best selling music business book The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution.

I am simply honored to welcome a music industry expert who has been featured in important publications, websites and events such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Forbes, Huffington Post, SXSW and Digital Hollywood.

Dave comes on the show to talk about his new project, the online music business school New Artist Model and his latest book Hack the Music Business: Build Your Own Career.

New Artist Model is a service aimed at pretty much everyone in music: performers and songwriters, DJs, producers and composers, as well as entrepreneurs, managers and business people. The program shows step-by-step ways to leverage social media to expand an audience, start a record label, production or publishing company, how to turn fans into buyers and other related topics.

In Hack the Music Business, on the other hand, Dave brings his 20+ years of experience with indie musician to help artists build a successful career in the music business of today. The list of topics covered in the book includes the new music business, gigging, recording, publishing, marketing and financing.

Whether you are starting out or have built your career in the music industry already, this episode of The Jazz Spotlight Podcast is going to provide you with valuable music business, branding and promotion tips [ready to roll? Before you click play, make sure to tweet this].


More Specifically, Today You’ll Learn More About:

  • Today’s music business model
  • Why you should stop thinking exclusively like a musician and start thinking like a musician-entrepreneur
  • The online music business school New Artist Model and what he can do for you
  • Mistakes that are hurting musicians
  • Why you should think in terms of DIWO (Do It With Other) rather than DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • Gigs as an opportunity to create a community, promote and drive sales
  • How having an email list can get you your next gig
  • Dave’s marketing tip for musicians
  • And more!


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