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Who doesn’t like to get a great review?

As we have seen before on the show, reviews are something promoters are really paying attention to when it comes to booking artists.

However, even though the Internet has made it easier for people to get in touch and connect, for independent musicians it can be difficult to get their records reviewed in music magazines, on blogs and websites.

Well, guess what? That’s what we are going to talk about today: how to approach music writers and WHAT TO PITCH FOR A REVIEW.

Today, I am happy to welcome on the show the editor in chief of Nextbop.com Anthony Dean-Harris.

On Nextbop, Anthony writes about the next generation of jazz, discusses latest releases and other great jazzy things. In addition to the amazing work he does on the blog, Anthony also writes reviews for the popular DownBeat Magazine.

In this episode, Anthony talks about the way musicians should approach him – and other music writers – to get their albums reviewed and what to pitch, in order to score a review in a magazine or on a site.

From which format your music should be to platforms for music promotion, Anthony has plenty of great tips to share.

Additionally, you will hear more about Anthony’s radio show The Line-Up and the Art of Cool Project (a quick note: this episode was recorded before the crowdfunding campaign for the Art of Cool Festival was over.  The campaign’s goal was achieved and the festival will take place! Click here to give Anthony and the other Art of Cool people a shout out).

Get your pens and papers ready and prepare for golden nuggets and plenty of laughs!

Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • How the popular website NextBop was launched
  • The challenges of running a music blog like Nextbop and writing about music
  • Anthony’s experience as writer for DownBeat Magazine
  • The way many musicians approach Anthony and other music writers (and why this is NOT the right way to go for)
  • The RIGHT way to get in touch with music bloggers and writers to have your record reviewed
  • What to keep in mind before submitting an album for review
  • Anthony’s radio show The Line-Up
  • And more!

Links, People and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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