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Is live streaming music’s next big thing?


What is sure though, is that using the Web to showcase your talent online can be an incredible way to build a fan base around the world and make some money.

And the same goes for music venues.

As Andrew Read mentioned on episode 30, there are a few jazz clubs that have started to “bring the couch to the audience” by streaming the gigs hosted at their venue.

In this episode you are going to hear more about how you can start streaming your gigs – without emptying your wallet – and how you can build an international fan base and monetize by performing online.

I am going to tackle the subject with someone, whose bread and butter is indeed gig streaming: James Wasem of Gigee.

Gigee is a service that gives musicians, venues, people in the performing arts and others the opportunity to broadcast live their ticketed events.

From intimate backyard gigs to music hall concerts, sports and dance shows. At Gigee they cover pretty much any kind of events you can think of.

On the podcast, James discusses the reason why Gigee was launched and shares some valuable tips that will help you get started. From camera angles to the soundcheck, you will hear all you need to know to start streaming your performances.

If you are thinking about how you can build an audience and showcase your talent by live streaming your gigs you are in the right place.

But this podcast episode goes further than that!

In fact, James and I also talk about how you can get paid for your performances by selling tickets (James gives out some ticket pricing tips) and merchandise (in case you are wondering yes, we also talk about what kind of items you should sell during your shows).

Are you ready to dive into the world of concert streaming and learn about how you can leverage it to build a worldwide audience and make some money?

If you are, click play!

Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • Why Gigee was founded
  • How you can stream your gigs without spending a bunch of money
  • Different tools you can use to stream your concerts online
  • James’ camera angle, lighting and soundcheck tips
  • How to engage with your audience, even if you are streaming from thousands kilometers away
  • The difference between streaming a show from a venue and an online-only gig for your fans
  • How to price tickets for your online concert
  • Why you should set up a merchant store and what kind of merchandise you should sell during your online streamings
  • Concert streaming as an opportunity for music venues
  • And more!

Links, People and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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