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You need a brand. You need to focus on your target audience.

How many times do we hear this kind of statement? Let’s admit it, today the word brand is cool, is trendy.

But what is a brand and why, as an artist, do you need one?

Today I am simply thrilled to welcome on the Jazz Spotlight Podcast Sophia Lovett of Voodookiss Creative.

A Berlin-based branding expert, Sophia works closely with musicians and creative professionals who want to build a personality-based brand that people love and that loves them back.

In this episode, Sophia and I discuss the importance of building a personality-based brand that focuses on you first. Sophia shares some tips for building a brand (including her 4-step brand building process!) and what you should think about when starting to create one.

In addition, Sophia also talks about the concept of target audience – or perfect person how she calls it (I love this concept, perfect person) – and why it is important for musicians and creative professionals.

No fluff in this episode, but actionable tips that will help you build a brand that focuses on you, targets your perfect person and that is cool.

Ah, did I mention that Sophia has a new online course about brand-building? She shares more details about that!

Get ready for a podcast episode that will make you understand more about yourself, your perfect person and how to create a brand that rocks!


In This Episode You’ll Hear More About:

  • Why it is important to build a brand as a musician
  • The advantages of having a brand that focuses on you first
  • Voodookiss Creative and Sophia’s new online course
  • The 4 step brand-building process
  • The importance of identifying your perfect person
  • Sophia’s favorite networking platform and her tip on how to connect with others before attending conferences and other events
  • And More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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