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How cool would it be to be featured on music websites and blogs or in magazines and local newspapers?

Getting press coverage can do great things for you and your music.

But how can an independent musician get press coverage? What is the right way to contact media and forward a press release?

And what about the press release, what should be included in it? What should be left out?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions or maybe are wondering whether you should hire a publicist or not, you will love this episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast!

Today, Hollywood-based singer-songwriter Ari Herstand is on the show to talk about How to Write a Press Release and Get Press Coverage.

In addition to being a talented artist, Ari is also an amazing  blogger who often shares valuable tips for indie musicians. Whether it is on his site Ari’s Take or on music websites like Digital Music News, Ari always delivers top-notch content.

In this episode, Ari and I talk about what to keep in mind when thinking about hiring a publicist vs. going solo, what you should include in your press release and how early you should contact media, music writers and music journalists to get press coverage.

And there’s more!

In fact, Ari also shares some advice on why you should start an email list (and how to grow it at your gigs) and how to promote your shows, just like he did for his first CD release concert that was attended by 250 people!

Buckle your seat belts, fun and valuable tips coming your way! [excited about this episode? Share it on Twitter]


Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • How Ari got 250 people at his first CD release gig
  • His tip for building an audience and promote an upcoming gig
  • How early you should start promoting your gigs
  • Ari’s tip for starting an email list and grow it at your concerts
  • Why you may want to consider teaming up with a non-profit or local sponsor
  • Hiring a publicist vs. Do-It-Yourself promotion
  • The easiest way to get press
  • What to include in a press release (and what to leave out)
  • What to do when you don’t get any reply to your email
  • And More!

Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Ari’s article about how to write a press release


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