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On the last episode of the podcast Ari Herstand & I talked aboout how to write a press release and get press, in order to promote your upcoming gigs.

If you remember (in case you missed it, you can listen to that episode here), Ari discussed what it means to be a Do-It-Yourself musician and take care of your promotion independently vs. hiring a professional publicist.

The same goes for gigging.

If you are looking to get booked for performances, I suggest you check out the Ultimate Guide to Getting Gigs, where I talk about the three phases of the looking-for-gigs process:

  • What to Do Before Start Looking for Gigs
  • Gig Hunting, the Actual Research
  • What to Do Once Your Show Dates Have Been Confirmed

In alternative, you can outsource the task to agencies. Obviously this requires an investment, but in return you get years of experience in the field and a wide network of contacts.

Today we are going to touch on that aspect of looking for gigs: working with agents and managers.

Anteprima Productions is one of the most important European music agencies, which has been working with some of Europe’s most prestigious artists, as well as internationally-acclaimed performers like Dave Holland, Jason Moran and Snarky Puppy.

Reno Di Matteo is the founder of this Paris-based  artist management and booking agency, which collaborates with some of the world’s top jazz festivals and clubs as well.

Management and booking are not the only things Anteprima Productions is about, though. In fact, Reno Di Matteo and his team are also in charge of the artistic direction of the popular Tourcoing Jazz Festival.

Reno comes on the show to brings us closer to the work of artist management and booking agencies like Anteprima Productions. In addition to telling us what Anteprima is about, Reno also discusses the importance of building a solid network (and how to start doing that) and what artists – who are looking to hire a booking agency – should keep in mind.

Reno also mentions a band you could follow as example of online promotion success story (hint: its leader was featured on the podcast some time ago!).


Today, You’ll Hear More About:

  • What Anteprima Productions is about
  • How to start building a network
  • A (Grammy Award-winning) band that is a great example of online promotion success
  • What you should keep in mind, before getting in touch with agencies like Anteprima Productions
  • A big music promotion mistake many musicians make
  • Reno’s advice for Do-It-Yourself musicians
  • The biggest challange of Reno’s job
  • And More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

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