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Here’s something I have to ask you.

Do you have a website?

If you don’t yet and are planning to have one, what would you like it to be like?

If you are in the music industry and have a site, is it delivering for you? Is it helping you achieve your goals?

The reason why I have asked you these things is that the topic of today is, indeed, your website.

Some of my previous guests have talked about the importance of having a site. In episode 2, music industry expert Bobby Owsinski explained why musicians need a website and can’t rely exclusively on social media. Andrew Read, on the other hand, discussed how a site fits into an online music promotion strategy.

Whether you have a site, are planning a redesign or are looking to hire a freelance developer to build it for you, this episode features plenty of golden nuggets for you.

My guest today is Ross Barber, a web designer from Glasgow who, during the last few years, has crafted amazing sites for artists and people in the music business from all over the world. During our talk, Ross reveals the most common mistakes musicians make on their sites, his favorite tool for building websites, what to look for when outsourcing the development of your website and the must-have tools every artist’s site should have.

And there’s more on the table!

In fact, Ross has also a very active online presence (over 20K followers on Twitter alone!) and is an avid blogger, who shares valuable music biz tips. This means that I had to ask him to give out some advice on how to connect with others in the music industry (and he did!).

During Anatomy of a Website, Ross and I also talk about his recently-launched show Bridge the Atlantic. If you are ready to get some golden nuggets that will either help you improve your site or inform you about what you should look for when hiring a freelance web designer, pour yourself a drink and press play!


Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • How Ross got started as web designer and the cool thing about working with people from all over the world
  • Ross’ favorite (and FREE!) tool for building amazing websites
  • The must-have features musicians should have on their sites
  • The most common mistakes Ross sees musicians make on their websites
  • What your bio page should REALLY be about
  • What you should keep in mind, if you decide to outsource the creation of your site to a freelance web designer
  • Ross’ take on how to build relationships in the music industry and the platform he thinks everyone in the music business should be on
  • Ross’ new show Bridge the Atlantic
  • And much more!


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