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It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know?

Are you familiar with this saying? Let’s face it, it couldn’t be more true.

Don’t get me wrong. Your skills, your talent, what you know and do definitely matter. But having the right connections can open many doors for you and make it easier to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams.

Today, with the Internet and social media, we can – at least in theory – connect with people from all over the world. Fans, musicians, music venues, festivals, experts. You name it.

Even though saying it like this makes it sound so easy, reality is different. There are spammers, people who bother others (often by running scams) with unsolicited emails or messages on social media. What is bad about spammers, in addition to their bothersome emails and posts, is that they often shadow those who are actually trying to build connections.

Particularly on Twitter, which is a much more dynamic platform than other social media, it happens often to see musicians who are trying to network but, by doing it awfully wrong, are perceived as spammers. I mean, how many times have you received a tweet by an artist you don’t know and who is asking you to check out or buy his/her music?

It’s annoying, I know.

But it’s also sad. You know, when I see those kind of tweets I also feel bad for those musicians because I know that they don’t have bad intentions. They are not trying to scam anyone, they are simply trying to promote their music, sell it and make some money. However, by trying to connect and by promoting their music the wrong way, they are often labeled as spammers (if you have been sending those kinds of tweets please stop. It doesn’t work and it only ruins your reputation – or online presence, at the very least).

So by now, you are probably asking yourself “How can I build connections without being pushy and being perceived as spammer?” Well, if you have asked yourself that question, you are in the right place!

Today, I am simply thrilled to welcome on the show Cortney Harding to talk exactly about that! An indie music expert who has also worked for Billboard, Cortney is going to tell us more about how to connect with influencers in the music industry.

The cool part? Cortney has some great advice to share on how to network the right way, even if you are starting out and have ZERO contacts! That’s right, that’s NOT a typo. In this episode you are going to hear more about how to connect with influencers in the music industry even if you have zero connections.

When it comes to music business and connections, it doesn’t get better than Cortney Hardying! Currently working as director of media strategy for Muzooka, Cortney has worked with music startups such as Official.fm, Soundrop and Gumroad. As mentioned, she has also worked as Billboard – where she was the music editor and indie correspondent – and has written for the Village Voice and Teen Vogue, among other publications.

When she is not busy connecting and putting together amazing media strategies, Cortney talks music industry and technology on the Upward Spiral Podcast along with co-host Kyle Bylin.

Whether you are about to graduate from music school and are ready to enter the music business world, are an independent artist trying to connect with influencers or are a music industry veteran looking to expand your network, this episode has plenty of golden nuggets for you.

Get ready for a good dose of fun, tools for growing your network of contacts and actionable tips in this laid-back episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast!

Today, You’ll Hear More About:

  • Cortney’s background in the music industry
  • What you should think about, before start connecting with influencers
  • The mistakes you should avoid making, when trying to connect with influencers
  • Tools and platforms people in the music industry should use to network
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook Instagram and Tumblr
  • Why you should consider start using Muzooka today
  • The Upward Spiral Podcast
  • And More!


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