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Last week, I had on the show Mobile Roadie co-founder and CEO Michael Schneider who talked about how to build a killer app for musicians and people in the music industry.

In case you missed that episode, we discussed how artists, venues and festivals can create amazing apps without knowing how to code. Must-have features, tips for growing a fanbase, promote the app and monetize. Michael provided so much value in a laid-back interview.

Today, we dive into the world of mobile apps once again with yet another top-class guest.

Some of you probably remember Adam Perry aka The Yin as the drummer of the popular American band Bloodhound Gang and British alternative rock group A.

In addition to being an incredible drummer, Adam has also been running his record label and is very active not only in music, but in tech too – as the founder and CEO of BandApp. Hailed the mobile replacement for MySpace by Hypebot, it is a tech company run by musicians for musicians. BandApp gives artists, festivals and music venues the opportunity to build incredibly cool apps for free.

“Everyone is keen to tell me how the CEO of a tech startup is today’s equivalent of a 60s rock star” – Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian

If you have thought about building an app before but have been afraid of not having the right skills, costs, etc. you are going to love this episode! As Adam takes us behind the scenes of BandApp, you are going to find out how easy it can be for YOU (yeah, YOU!) to create the app of your dreams.

On the podcast, Adam talks about BandApp step-by-step app creation process, must-have features, common mistakes and also shares some examples of bands and festivals that are really crushing it with their app.

Buckle your seat belts, this is going to be a fun ride into the world of music & tech [share this episode]!



In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About:

  • What BandApp can do for musicians and people in the music industry
  • What to think about and do, before creating an app
  • The must-have features your app should have
  • How using BandApp can get your music noticed by producers, TV shows and movies
  • Some of the most common mistakes Adam has seen artists make on BandApp
  • Why you should invest in having amazing visual content and consider yourself a brand
  • Some of the bands and festivals that are simply crushing it with BandApp
  • A sneak peek of the new version of BandApp, which will be released next year
  • And more!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Jason Perry (Adam’s brother who is producing Don Broco’s new album)


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