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Being in the music industry means much more than simply being a great performer or musician.

There are the business and promotion aspects of your career, there are fans waiting to engage with you, there are different ways you can make money, there are people you can connect to.

Today, with the Internet, pretty much everyone in music has access to an unprecedented array of tools and platforms to make their voice heard and promote themselves. All these great opportunities, however, imply changes in the rules of the game.

In fact, if you are a musician, you shouldn’t think merely as someone who is great at playing their instrument. You should think about your career as a small business owner and entrepreneur would. This transition is not easy, but it can be a lot of fun.

Well, guess what? In this episode, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about: music entrepreneurship. And what a guest today: the one and only Lee Safar!

An Australia-based music entrepreneur and musician, she is also the host of the popular music entrepreneurship show The Music Spring. On The Music Spring, Lee and her guests discuss several aspects of the music business – things like promotion, building a fanbase, sell merchandise and many more great topics.

Lee comes on the Jazz Spotlight to give us a reality-check of what it really means to be in the music industry these days, why going to music school is not enough for being successful in today’s music industry, when you may want to consider leaving the industry and the importance of building connections in the music business.

Get ready for a ton of valuable tips and a good dose of laughs! [Ready to press play? Before you do that, share this!]


Today, You’ll Hear More About:

  • The importance of understanding the difference between choosing and wanting
  • Lee’s latest creation, Red Feather, and the meaning behind it
  • Lee’s music entrepreneurship show The Music Spring and why you should subscribe to it right now
  • Why going to a music school is not enough for being successful in today’s music industry
  • Why you, as an artist, are also a small business owner and entrepreneur (and may haven’t even realized it yet)
  • Why you should be excited – and not frustrated – about the DIY aspect of your career
  • When you may want to consider leaving the music industry
  • The importance of networking in the music business
  • Lee’s BIG plans for 2015
  • And More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • The Mystery Life Interviews on Lee’s YouTube page
  • The Jazz Spotlight on iTunes


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