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Wooooo-hoooo! The 50th episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast is here! [Celebrate with me!]

I am so grateful and thankful for YOU being with me episode after episode and for the incredible guests who have taken time to be on the show and share their stories, as well as valuable tips, with us. So, before we dive into today’s content, I wanted to say THANK YOU for listening, for your support and for your review on iTunes!

After apps, music royalties and crowdfunding, we are going to talk about something we haven’t discussed yet: audio recording.

When it comes to audio recording, editing and mixing, Graham Cochrane is THE man and I am simply thrilled to welcome him on the show for this 50th episode!

Graham is the founder of The Recording Revolution, a website that provides those passionate about recording, editing and mixing with incredible blog posts, videos and many other valuable resources. Some of you may know Graham not only because of his great posts, videos and ebooks, but also because of the two classes he taught on the popular site Creative Live: EQ Master Class and Compression & Dynamics Master Class.

Today, Graham comes on the show to talk about how to set up a home recording studio the SMART WAY. From the 5 components every home recording studio should have, to the common mistakes, must-have plugins and the #1 rule of home recording. He provides so much value that I am pretty sure that this is going to be one of the all-time favorite episodes of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast!

Buckle up your seat belts and join Graham & I as we discuss home recording studios, the brand new Recording Revolution app, why – sometimes – less is moreThe Audio Income Project and a lot more fun things. Whether you are starting out and are thinking about how to set up a home recording studio or want to learn more about audio recording and editing, you are going to L-O-V-E this episode!

Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • Some of Graham’s incredible projects (including the brand new – and FREE – Recording Revolution app!)
  • What you should think about before setting up your home recording studio
  • The 5 components every home recording studio should have
  • A philosophical mistake musicians make when it comes to their home recording studio
  • The common mistake artists make when recording
  • The #1 rule of home recording
  • How to better approach audio editing
  • The 2 must-have plugins every home recording studio needs
  • The course The Audio Income Project
  • And More!

Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • The Recording Revolution App

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