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Hosting the Jazz Spotlight Podcast has been an incredible journey, I can’t believe that 50 episodes have gone by already! The next stop is 100!

As we take the first step toward the next 50 episodes, we dive deep into one of the hottest social media platforms out there: Instagram!

With some 200 million users, who share their incredible pictures and videos from around the world, it is set to continue growing exponentially (it is expected to reach 1 billion users within the next 3 years). Maybe you have been using Instagram to share pictures of your vacations or perhaps it is a completely new tool for you.

Either way, you are in the RIGHT PLACE because today we are going to talk about Instagram marketing and the way you, as a musician, jazz club owner or festival director, can use it to promote yourself. And we are going to discuss all that with the world’s #1 Instagram expert: Sue B. Zimmerman!

A serial entrepreneur (who has launched 18 businesses!), Sue aka “the Instagram Expert” is considered the guru, the Queen of Instagram. She is the author of the book Instagram Basics for Your Businesshas taught two popular classes on Creative Live and is often featured on some of the top social media marketing and business sites and podcasts.

In this episode, Sue comes on the show to tell us how to get started with Instagram (from why you should join it even if you don’t want to promote yourself, how to craft an incredible bio and the common mistakes we should avoid making, to how to deal with spammers), some great tools we can use to become someone people want to follow on Instagram and she drops a bunch of valuable InstaBombs [if you’re ready to get some InstaBombs, tweet this!]

If you aren’t on Instagram, you are missing out BIG TIME. But don’t worry, Sue B. “Instagal” Zimmerman got you covered!

I am pretty sure that, after listening to this episode, you will get excited about Instagram and will definitely start promoting yourself on it (when you do, make sure to connect with me on Instagram). Ah, before you press play, make sure to sign up for Sue’s FREE webinar [know someone who could benefit from it? Then share this!]

Alright, here it comes: Instagram Marketing with the one and only Sue B. Zimmerman! 🙂


Today, You’ll Hear More About:

  • Sue’s relationship with jazz music
  • Why Instagram is Sue’s go-to social media platform
  • Why you should join Instagram, even if you don’t want to promote yourself
  • Sue’s 3 tips for crafting a killer Instagram bio
  • How to deal with spammers on Instagram
  • Some of the common mistakes people make on Instagram
  • Sue’s favorite tools for spicing up your pictures, monitoring hashtags and scheduling Instagram posts
  • Why you shouldn’t go after hashtags that are too broad
  • Providing value and sell on Instagram
  • And More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Sue’s upcoming webinar (sign up, it’s FREE!)
  • The screenshot of the Instagram bio Sue’s recently crafted
  • Bitly (tool for shortening your links and tracking their traffic)
  • JLaneForever (the Instagram account Sue crafted a bio for)


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