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Today, we go back into the world of live concert streaming with someone, whose bread and butter is without doubt live concert streaming!

Dan Gurney is the CEO and Co-Founder of Concert Window, a service that allows artists to live stream their gigs – through a laptop or mobile device – to people around the world. In order to broadcast an online concert, you only need computer, an Internet connection, a webcam and a microphone.

While it is true that, in order to achieve the best possible quality, you probably should opt for an external mic and webcam (Dan has some recommendations!), you can definitely start out with what you have built in your computer and switch to more advanced equipment as you go.

In this episode, Dan tells us more about Concert Window and what it can do for you. Additionally, he talks about how to play a successful and profitable online concert – including tips for lighting, promotion and monetization, examples of people who are crushing it with live concert streaming  and how you can use online gigs to jumpstart your crowdfunding campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter (by the way, if you want some crowdfunding tips, you should check out this episode later on!).

So, get ready as Dan takes us into the world of live concert streaming and tells us what we need to know to play a successful and profitable online concert!


Today, You’ll Hear More About

  • Dan’s career, Concert Window and what it can do for you
  • Dan’s advice on the equipment for live concert streaming (and his recommendations for microphones and a very good, but affordable, webcam)
  • Where to position the light, so that your audience actually get a clear picture of you
  • How to promote your online gigs
  • The type of pre-show pictures you should share with your fans
  • How Phoebe Hunt turned a flight delay into an opportunity to host an incredible online concert
  • How to monetize with online gigs and through Concert Window
  • How to earn even more with tip rewards
  • Dan’s #1 tip on how to follow up and keep the momentum going after an online performance
  • How to use Concert Window to jumpstart your Kickstarter campaign
  • A sneak peek of a brand new feature of Concert Window
  • And Much More!

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