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In today’s episode we are going to talk about two great ways to grow your fanbase!

Most musicians don’t actually think about, or don’t know about, what having a blog can do for their career in terms of exposure, new opportunities and new fans.

The cool part? As you will hear, you can still create an incredible and engaging blog even if you don’t like – or are not that good at – writing!

My guest today is former professional flutist-turned-blogger Mary Jaksch! In the first part of our talk, she tells us more about her experience in the online world, her websites (including one that features awesome tips for bloggers of all levels!) and talks about the importance of having a blog. From the different types of content you can use to capture email addresses for your email list to ways to promote your posts, Mary has so many golden nuggets for us.

And the same can be said for the second part of our conversation, which is focused on a great tool you can use to actually make money: webinars!

Again, Mary shares valuable tips for all things webinar, from the best practices and the structure of a successful webinar to practical advice for selling your digital products on webinars. And if this is not enough, she has also created a report that talks about pretty much everything there is to know about webinars troubleshooting.

Ready to have some fun and get incredible tips for growing your audience with a blog and monetize through webinars? Ok, press play!


In This Episode You’ll Hear More About:

  • How you can start a blog, even if you don’t like (or are not that good at) writing
  • Why your site’s usability is the key to success
  • How guest posts can bring you in front of new audiences and readers
  • The best practices of being a great webinar host
  • The structure of a successful webinar
  • Tips for selling your digital product on a webinar
  • How you can turn the 404 page of your site into a page that actually helps you to get more email subscribers
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on wifi to host your webinars
  • And More!


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