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In the past, some of my guests and I have talked about different ways musicians can grow their fanbase and make money. These include live concert streaming (which we also discussed here), a much different way of performing compared to traditional gigs.

Today’s episode focuses on another alternative way of playing live and it’s really an episode every artist should listen to.

My guest had been enjoying quite a career, but little did she know about the turn it would take when she embarked on a 2-month tour in the summer of 2013…

During those 2 months, dreampop keyboardist and singer Shannon Curtis played 50 house concert shows, making over 25,000 dollars! And she’s here to tell us more about her incredible story!

Shannon joins us to talk about house concert shows and her best-selling book  No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K On A 2-Month House Concert Tour (And How You Can Too), which focuses on her successful experience. 

If you want to learn more about house concert shows you are in the right place! Join us in an episode that features plenty of laughs and incredible tips from this amazing artist.

From where to start from, if you want to give house concert shows a try, to the importance of choosing a great host, how to organize the space for your show and set up your merch table so that you can actually make money with it. Shannon shares so many valuable golden nuggets.

Buckle up your seat belts folks, this is going to be a fun ride!


Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • How Shannon got started with house concerts and how long it has been since she last played at a regular venue
  • How she earned $25,000 on 50 house concert shows (that’s is 500 dollars per gig!)
  • Where to start from, if you want to give house concerts a try
  • How to organize the space of your “venue” during a house concert gig
  • The importance of having a great host for your house concert shows (and what Shannon looks for in the ones she chooses)
  • Why having merch table is very important, even when playing house concerts (and Shannon’s tip on where to set yours up, so that you can actually make money with it)
  • And More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Shannon’s new community for those interested in house concert shows


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