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Happy New Year!

The Jazz Spotlight Podcast is back, and what a great way to start 2015. The first episode of the year features a very special guest who discusses a fundamental element of the music promotion strategy of every musician: newsletters.

Today, I welcome on the show online marketing, social media and crowdfunding expert Ariel Hyatt to talk about how to launch and manage a successful email list as in the music industry.

The founder of CyberPR and CyberPR Music, Ariel is also an author, coach and speaker who is often featured in some of the world’s most important music business and marketing conferences as keynote speaker.

In case you don’t have a newsletter, she explains why having one is a must for every musician and what you are risking by only relying on social media to promote yourself. If you are eager to get started with your email list you are going to love this, as Ariel also shares some tips to help you begin – from the different kinds of lead magnets you can use to collect email addresses to the best days and times to send out your newsletter.

If you already have an email list, this episode still have plenty of value for you too! In fact, Ariel also talks about what you can do to engage your fans and even how you can monetize with your newsletter.

Here’s is to you, have an AMAZING 2015!

Today, You’ll Hear More About:

  • A big prediction for this year
  • Why having an email list is a MUST for musicians
  • Different lead magnets you can give your fans in exchange for their email address
  • The tools you can use to launch and manage your email list
  • The best days and times to send your newsletter
  • What to think about when writing the subject line of your emails
  • Ariel’s tips on how to engage your tribe
  • How to monetize through your email list
  • Ariel’s BIG announcement for 2015
  • And Much More!


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