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At some point in their career many artists ask themselves “Do I need to hire a manager?”

But what exactly do artist managers do and how can you find one?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then you are going to love this episode of the Jazz Spotlight Podcast.

My guest today is Sandra Marcy, manager of British jazz artist Theo Jackson and member of the Music Managers Forum. She joins us to talk about artist management and discusses what managers do and look at, when looking for musicians to work with.

Sandra also gives advice to those who are looking for a manager to hire, mentions the common mistakes artists make when approaching managers and management agencies and she explains the difference between managers and booking agents (something many artist get wrong).


In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About:

  • What Sandra, as artist manager, looks for and pays attention to when seeking new artists
  • Her advice to musicians looking for an artist manager
  • How some artists don’t get the most out of their live shows
  • Where you can look for artist managers
  • Common mistakes musicians make when approaching artist managers or management agencies
  • The difference between managers and booking agents
  • And Much More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned Today:


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