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You put in the work. You and your bandmates got together for months working on your new record.

The tracks have been mixed and mastered, the album cover is ready and you’re all set. Your much-anticipated CD is ready to go.

How many of you can relate to this?

Ok, now leave a comment below this post if you have had worked hard on an album, but haven’t gotten the results – in terms of sales – that you had hoped for. Perhaps because of the lack of a well-planned and executed album release strategy.

If this is you, you’re going to really enjoy today’s podcast.

In this episode, we are joined by country, folk and pop artist Sarah Popejoy to talk about the art of selling music online. In addition to her music career, Sarah has found time to create the incredible blog Musicians Empowered, where she gives out valuable tips for indie musicians.

During our conversation, Sarah discusses music marketing for indie artists and music collaboration. She also goes over some hacks to get a record label’s attention, how to get complete strangers to buy your music and what to keep in mind when selling music online.

Time to get down to business!


Today, You’ll Learn More About:

  • Some music marketing tips for musicians on a low budget
  • Sites you can use to sell and easily distribute your music online
  • The secrets to selling online
  • How to get complete strangers to buy your music
  • Some hacks to get a record label’s attention
  • And More!


Resources, People and Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Jing (screen capture tool)


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