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Last week we talked about how, even though you’re an artist, you should think both as a musician and an entrepreneur.

The way the music industry is today, you absolutely cannot ignore the business aspect of your career. And this is even more true, if you’re an indie artist.

Today, we focus on a very fundamental component of an entrepreneur, an actor, a business: the brand.

Building a solid personal brand is just as important as pretty much anything else in your career.

So where should you get started, if you want to begin building your personal brand?

Joining us today to discuss branding for musicians is my friend, social media and branding strategist Phil Pallen.

Based in Santa-Monica, Phil works with entrepreneurs, creative professionals and TV personalities – some of his clients have appeared in shows like Shark TankThe X Factor, Rising Star, Project Runway and The Doctors.

Phil, who is also the author of the book Shut Up and Tweet, can often been seen sharing his thoughts on Access Hollywood and speaking on stage at conferences. He joins us to give out some tips for all the artists who want to focus on and improve their personal brand.


Today, You’ll Hear More About:

  • Phil’s business and his clients
  • What every artist should pay attention to when building their personal brand
  • 3 different audiences you should be focusing on
  • How to get the most control of your site as possible
  • The kind of photos you need to use to promote yourself on your site and social media
  • What to include in your Twitter bio
  • Why musicians should start using Twitter today
  • And More!


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