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After more than 60 episodes featuring amazing guests, it’s time for another awesome solo session!

In this episode, we go over a topic that is critical for any musician out there, regardless of the stage they’re at in their career: productivity.

When talking about productivity, I don’t refer solely to the ability of saving time, being more efficient. I also mean doing something, taking actual steps that can help you move one step closer to achieving your goals.

When thinking about you as an indie artist and your productivity, I’m going to give you some tips that focus on different aspects of your time and music career.

I focus on things you should think about and do every day, every week, every month to grow your fanbase, become a better musicpreneur and take good care of the business side of your career.


Today, We Talk About:

  • The things to do every day that can help your career move forward
  • What you should focus on while on social media, even if only have 10 minutes a day
  • A couple of great, free, resources you can use to take notes, make to do lists or assign tasks to band members or other people you may be working with
  • What you should do (at least) once a week
  • How to become more accountable, even if you’re an indie artist


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


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