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2014 has been an incredible year (and not only because I launched the Jazz Spotlight Podcast!) for live jazz! The Ultimate Jazz Festivals Guides have brought you the world’s very best jazz festivals and the one for December is no different. While there may be less events organized around the world, this month undoubtedly features the finest jazz fests around – which are a the best way to wrap up an unforgettable year!

From the winter versions to two of Europe’s top festivals – Umbria Jazz and Jazzkaar – to Helsinki’s celebration We Jazz, Scandinavian jazz showcases Jolajazz, RIBBEjazz and Julejazz to the series of events organized in France (Jazz à Véd’A, Jazz en Nord, Jazz Au Fil de l’Oise and Jazz en Scene), Greece and the rest of Europe…there is so much going on in December! [tweet this guide]

Australia celebrates jazz on beautiful Norfolk Island and Malaysia with Penang Island Jazz Festival, while Cuba hosts the one of the highlights of the year in Havana Jazz Festival. Christmas and New Year’s Eve won’t stop organizers from presenting incredible events that add a touch of jazz to the always nice holiday season – see Peter White Christmas, Dortumund’s Weihnacths Jazzmatinee and Rick Braun’s New Year’s Eve.

Here comes the last jazz festivals guide of the year, Happy Holidays everyone [wish others Happy Holidays by clicking this]! 🙂

jazz a véd'a  Jazz à Véd’A

When & Where: Today – May 2015

 Performers: Eric Navet Trio, Meiz feat. Karine Gobert, Frédéric Volanti, Luigi Corda, Erwan Eveno


jazz en nord Jazz en Nord Festival

When & Where: Today – 30 Jun, various cities across France

Performers: The Jive Aces, The Buttshakers, Do Ray Mi Fats, Rhonny Ventat Funky Jazz Band,



jazz al casino Cicle de Jazz al Casino de Granollers

When & Where: Today – 19 Dec, Barcelona (Spain)

Performers: Dena DeRose Trio, Txell Sust August Tharrats Blues Trio


jazz au fil de l'oise Jazz Au Fil de l’Oise

When & Where: 7 Nov – 14 Dec, Val d’Oise (France)

Performers: Gregory Porter, Lisa Simone, Pierani/Parisien Duo, Serena Fisseau, Yaron Herman

jazz jamboree Jazz Jamboree

  When & Where: 8 Nov – 20 Dec, Warsaw (Poland)

 Performers: Maria Sadowska & Urszula Dudziak, Matthew Tyrmand, Jerzy Kornowicz’s “Great Spinning”


joulujazz Joulujazz

 When & Where: 27 Nov – 14 Dec, Tallinn (Estonia)

 Performers: Richard Bona Trio, Dawn of Midi, Douglas Dare, Estonian Radio Singing Studio Led  by Kadri Hunt, Hanna-Liina Vosa & Tiit Kikas’ Band


norfolk island jazz Norfolk Island Jazzes It Up

When & Where: 28 Nov – 7 Dec, Norfolk Island (Australia)

 Performers: Russell Thorton, Valerie Brown, Andrew London


jazz a verviersJazz à Verviers

When & Where: 28 Nov – 13 Dec, Verviers (Belgium)

Performers: Manu Katché 4et, Nathalie Loriers/Philippe Aerts/Tineke Postma, Layla Zoe


we jazz We Jazz

When & Where: 1-13 Dec, Helsinki (Finland)

Performers: Timo Lassy, Avishai Cohen Triveni, Serenity Ensemble, Jussi Fredriksson, Kannaste/Raghavan/Waits


brasov jazz & blues Brasov Jazz & Blues Festival

 When & Where: 4-6 Dec, Brasov (Romania)

 Performers: Hidden Orchestra, Sharrie Williams Band, Accord Vibes, Narcotango, Elena Mindru 4et


penang island jazz festival Penang Island Jazz Festival

 When & Where: 4-7 Dec, Penang (Malaysia)

 Performers: Richard Bona Group, Laila Biali Trio, Carmen Souza, Fresh Dixie Project


jazzbezInternational JazzBez Festival

When & Where: 5-14 Dec, various cities across Ukraine and Poland

Performers: Marc Bernstein, Mariana Sadovska, Steve Houben 4et, Kasia Mirowska 4et, Piotr Baron


bilzen jazzBilzen Jazz Night

When & Where: 6 Dec, Bilzen (Belgium)

Performers: Ernie Hammes, Jaclyn Guillou, Young Euregio Jazz Talent Contest


jazz en scenesJazz en Scenes

When & Where: 11-14 Dec, France

Performers: Quartet Raven, Christian Zehnder & Tobias Presig Duo, Shisei & Sylvaine Hélary Trio, Soler



greek jazz panoramaGreek Jazz Panorama

When & Where: 12-14 Dec, Athens (Greece)

 Performers: Floros Floridis, Nikolas Anadolis, Petros Klampanis’ Contextual


u jazzU Jazz Festival

When & Where: 13 Dec, Utrecht (Netherlands)

Performers: Reinier Baas & The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble, The Nordanians, Abir Nasraoui


havana jazz festival  Havana Jazz Festival

When & Where: 16-22 Dec, Havana (Cuba)
Performers: Chucho Valdes, Arthur O’Farrill, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Roberto Fonseca, Sandy Shore


sardegna e jazzAi Confini Tra Sardegna e Jazz 

When & Where: 18 Dec-3 Jan, Sant’Anna Arresi (Italy)

Performers: Evan Parker 4et, TALIBAM! feat. Peter Evans & Alan Wilkinson, Dorian Wood Trio


locomotive jazz Locomotive Jazz Festival

 When & Where: 20 & 21 Dec, Lecce (Italy)                              Performers: Zamua feat. Flavio Boltro, Raffaele Casarano & Locomotive


peter white christmas  Husky Shows Presents Peter White Christmas

  When & Where: 21 Dec, Sacramento, CA (U.S.)

 Performers: Peter White, Mindi Abair, Rick Braun


weihnachts jazzmatinee Weihnachts Jazzmatinee

 When & Where: 26 Dec, Dortmund (Germany)

Performers: Ingo Marmulla 4et, Lena Danai, Mandenroots, Pascal Bartoszak 4et, Transorient Orchestra


jolajazz Jolajazz

When & Where: 27 Dec, Voss (Norway)

Performers: Hvitmalt Gjerde, Twang Gang, DJolaNils, Synneva Hansen-Noel & Tina Larsen feat. Sjur Hjeltnes


umbria jazz winter Umbria Jazz Winter

 When & Where: 27 Dec – 1 Jan, Perugia (Italy)

 Performers: Joe Lovano/Chris Potter 5et, Jon Batiste & Stay Human, Anat Cohen Brazilian  4et, Davell Crawford Gospel, Paolo Fresu & Danilo Rea


julejazz Julejazz

 When & Where: 28 Dec, Trondheim (Norway)

 Performers: Heidi Skjerve, Anja Skybakmoen, John Pål Inderberg, Asmund Bjørken, Knut  Lauritzen Storband


ribbejazz RIBBEjazz

When & Where: 29 Dec, Lillestrøm (Norway)

Performers: Stina Stenerud & Her Soul Replacement, Fat Fred & The Possumhunters, Eirik Svela 5et,  Funk My Life


rick braun new year's  Rick Braun’s New Year’s Eve 

 When & Where: 31 Dec, Tucson, AZ (U.S.)

Performers: Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Larry Braggs, Will Donato


Again, Happy Holidays and don’t forget to share this guide with others!