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Wolfi Jazz

Picture Credits: euritmica.it & musicframes.nl

Wolfi Jazz is back! Join Pat Metheny Unity Group, Lucky Peterson, Ibrahim Maalouf and a rich roster of French talents for the 4th edition of Wolfi Jazz (23-29 June). 

There’s plenty of jazz festivals around the world, but not many provide an incredible setting like Wolfi Jazz does. Organized in Wolfisheim, about 10 km west of Strasbourg, the festival takes place in an impressive 19th Century military fort. In addition to its music and location, Wolfi Jazz is also known for its founder.  In fact, its director is composer and conductor Nicolas Folmer, whose latest album Sphere has received positive reviews.

For a week, from 23 to 29 June, Wolfisheim will become a little heaven for jazz lovers who will have the opportunity to see some of the country’s top jazzmen and women, as well as world’s renowned artists, up close and personal.

About Wolfi Jazz

This festival founded by artist Nicolas Folmer in 2011 is organized every June in Wolfisheim, town located about 10km west of Strasbourg. The event showcase some of France’s finest contemporary performers and international guests over a one-week stretch.

Wolfi Jazz 

When & Where: 23-29 June, Wolfisheim (France)

Performers: Pet Metheny Unity Group, Ibrahim Maalouf, Electro Deluxe, Ben L’Oncle Soul & Monophonics